Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea | Winnipeg, MB

Café in front and a leather/other goods workshop in back, Thom Bargen was a great place to settle for a couple of hours while exploring Winnipeg. Friendly staff, delicious coffee and a nice selection handcrafted works to browse by Wilder Dry Goods. Long days ahead call for a proper start with good coffee.


West Coast Road Trip | Part One

Last month I accompanied a friend on her move to the west coast. Winter had been long and this was the perfect opportunity for some visual research and inspiration. Truth be told, I also have a hard time resisting any invitation for a road trip! The first part of our journey took us through Ontario and then along northern Lake Superior. This part of the drive was definitely a highlight for both of us. There's something very special about this part of the country. Even covered in snow we could sense the beauty of the pristine waters, surrounding forest and crisp [northern] air. The land was quiet and its spirit was welcoming. Oh and apparently pancakes and saunas are a big thing in Thunder Bay… who knew?!

Crossing into the prairies we viewed a very different landscape. One that was flat and endless but in the best of ways. The times when we weren't driving through a blizzard we could see the plains stretched out all around us. Occasionally it felt a bit surreal to look around and see the same thing in every direction. I was really excited to experience this part of Canada and I dream of the day when I can return in warmer weather to visit fields of wheat, tumbleweeds (hopefully), blue skies and endless horizons once again.

This is only the beginning, more to come...


Jason & Marielle | Lived Spaces | Habitat Series | Montréal, QC

I spent the past few weeks on the road and it feels good to be home. Having been welcomed into the homes of many friends along the way reminded me that home, whether temporary or permanent, is what you make it. I'm excited to tell the story of my most recent journey soon and in the meantime, here's the next house tour in my Habitiat series. 

Habitat Series #4
City: Montreal
Neighbourhood: The Village

Who: Jason Davidson & Mirielle
People who you share(d) this space with: 
J: A fellow Edmontonian, and occasionally friends new and old.
M: Jason, a friend from my first year at U of A.

In three words how would you describe the design, atmosphere/mood of your space?
J: Urban cabin chic?
M: Bright, welcoming, cabin-y.

What is your favourite room? Why?J: My bedroom: it’s a perfect, sunny place for reflection and studying.
M: While I love how bright and airy my room is, the front room is my favourite because of its great light and good bones.

What is the best decorating "find"/DIY in your space?
J: The vintage Ministere des Forets calendar from the Saint Michel flea market and a plant pot made from old books.
M: The chairs we found on Kijiji and Craigslist. They strike a nice balance between contemporary and classic shapes.

Most treasured item(s) in your space?
J: The hand-made quilt my friend sewed for me while I was working in northern Alberta and the nesting crates also created for me by a friend.

What elements are essential to you in creating a space that feels like home?
J: A healthy amount of vegetation, things that remind me of past memories and places, and Edison light bulbs!
M: Room for welcoming others.

What is your best memory from this space? 
J: Breaking in the new apartment with visitors from back home!
M: Making my first turkey dinner with friends who were far from home on Thanksgiving.

Weekends are for…
J: Catching up on sleep from a busy week, bike rides and coffee/wine dates with friends.
M: Catching up on sleep, exploring the city and seeing friends.

Your favourite Montréal coffee spot is…
J: I’m a fan of Pikolo Café because of its wonderful loft study space, but for a spot closer to home, Pourquoi Pas usually does the trick.
M: Myriade. Better looking coffee spots exist around the city, but I have yet to taste better coffee.

The best thing about the neighbourhood you live in is… 
J: Quiet, safe neighbourly vibe, big trees, beautiful walk up apartments and an “off the beaten track” sort of charm.
M: Its proximity to Parc Lafontaine.

A perfect day in Montréal goes like… 
J: Bike ride, stop in a thrift shop with a coffee, nap in the park followed by a chill soirée at a pub. I suppose if it’s snowy, skating on Mont Royal is a close second.
M: Sleep in a bit, make a nice breakfast, go for a walk up the mountain, grab a coffee and spend the evening with friends.

If you could travel anywhere next, where would it be... 
J: Argentina, Iceland or Germany. Or the Great Bear Rainforest along the West Coast of Canada.
M: I’ll limit myself to within Canada and say Newfoundland and Labrador.