Summer Part Four: Georgian Bay, ON | August 2014

These photos were collected over the past two summers during my annual pilgrimage to Derbyshire Island. I always feel most at ease when surrounded by water, trees and fresh air. The stillness the mornings bring and the darkness at night. I deeply comprehend why this landscape has influenced so many great artists. Dearest Georgian Bay... you never fail to inspire me.

Ps. I have a (new) website coming soon...


Summer Part Three: Camping & Cottaging | July & August 2014

It feels like time to clear out the summer archives and share its memories before we move into the new season. Though at times it felt unsettling to be here and there this summer- well more there than here- looking back at these moments it was all worth it. When shooting film I always like reflecting on what I ended up spending a precious frame on. To be honest, sometimes I get why I took a certain photo and other times I can't remember at all. Regardless of my (lack of) memory, in the moment it must of felt right and usually nothing beats that. 


Blink Bonnie Cottage | Georgian Bay, ON | August 2014

Being 'cozy' is by far one of my favourite states of being. For the past 15 years this place (named Blink Bonnie) has made me feel cozy and it's the family cottage of one of my oldest friends. Remember this post? During my last visit to Georgian Bay I decided that it was time to document one of my most loved places on Earth. Voila!